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Sleeping Dogs

What Makes Us Different

Our Accommodations

For overnight boarding, we have two wings dedicated to small and medium dogs and two wings for large and extra large dogs. All of our boarding areas are designed to provide a calm, relaxing indoor space with dog doors to covered outside runs. Doors are opened first thing in the morning and closed each night for security. Each boarding wing is climate controlled and has aromatherapy and noise dampening to keep your pets calm.

For playtime and daycare we have a large indoor playroom, as well as several large outdoor play yards where dogs can run, play, check out enrichment areas, or just lounge on the furniture! All dogs are rotated to the play yards throughout the day (weather permitting), so everyone gets time to play outside multiple times a day.


Pets are fed twice a day and we encourage you to bring your own pet food, enough for the entire stay so your pet's diet isn't disrupted. However, for your convenience we can provide high quality holistic dog food for an additional charge of $5.00 per day.


We will give your dog whatever medications they require during their stay. We ask that you bring the medication in the prescription bottle/box that includes the medication name and dosage. There is a medication fee of $2 per day. If they require injections, it is a medication fee of $10 per day.

Special Needs Dogs

We are happy to take a limited number of dogs with special needs for lodging. If your dog has physical disabilities or requires specialized medical care, they are welcome but because they require additional resources, we do charge an additional $10 per night.

Dogs who fall under the "special needs" lodging are dogs who: have limited mobility; are blind; require multiple insulin injections; require medications 3 or more times a day; are incontinent or require potty pads.

If you believe your dog fall into this category, please contact us to discuss.

Bedding & Toys

We provide Kuranda off-the-floor beds and soft, cozy blankets for your pet, free of charge. However, if your pet has a special bed or blanket, or toys that you would like to bring, please feel free.  Please understand we are not responsible for any damage your pet may cause to blankets, bedding or toys while boarding. 

Enrichment Daycare

Our daycare isn't just daycare! Our enrichment daycare, focuses on activities that engage your dog's natural behaviors and instincts. We create tasks, exercises and games that challenge your dog's sense of smell, taste, hearing, touch and vision. Through these activities, along with one-on-one interaction with us, your dog has a full day of activity through learning!

All dogs lodging with us, participate in the enrichment daycare.

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