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Boarding & Daycare

Boarding doesn't need to be stressful for your dog. It can actually be a fun experience your dog looks forward to! With our use of Fear Free techniques, plus a lot of affection and personal attention, your dog will have a wonderful stay here!

Sleepy dogs

What Makes Us Different

Our Fear Free Certified staff are dedicated to making your dog's stay as calm, stress-free and fun as possible!

Sleeping Dog

Lodging Accomodations

For overnight boarding, we have two wings dedicated to small and medium dogs and two wings for large and extra large dogs. All of our boarding areas are designed to provide a calm, relaxing indoor space with dog doors to covered outside runs. Doors are opened first thing in the morning and closed each night for security. Each boarding wing is climate controlled and has aromatherapy and noise dampening to keep your pets calm.

Golden Retriever

Enrichment Daycare

Our daycare isn't your typical daycare! Instead of group play, where dog's can become ill or get hurt. We provide enrichment daycare. This focuses on activities that engage your dog's natural behaviors and instincts. We create tasks, exercises and games that challenge your dog's sense of smell, taste, hearing, touch and vision. Through these activities, along with one-on-one interaction with us, your dog has a full day of activity through learning!

All dogs lodging with us, participate in enrichment daycare at no additional charge.

Image by Undine Tackmann

Happy and Stress-free

We work hard to provide a calm and stress-free environment. Your dog will be spoiled with lots of affection, activity, and personal attention.

We are dedicated to a fear free approach so your dog goes home happy and healthy.

Providing a relaxing, stress-free experience is our top priority.

Stay Requirements

All guests must be current on Rabies, DHPP or DHLPP and Bordetella

We highly recommend Leptospirosis and Influenza.  

*We will not allow any animal without their vaccination paperwork. 

All guests are required to be on heart worm prevention and a flea and tick control program.  If live fleas are found on your pet, we will perform a flea bath for $50. 

If your pet has had a recent medical procedure, they must be free of sutures, staples and/or open wounds before they arrive for boarding or daycare. We cannot accept dogs wearing a cone. Please inform us if your dog has had a recent procedure or open wound injury when making your reservation.

Intact Male Dogs - Our facility has concrete floors, if your dog is not used to sitting on hard surfaces, they can develop raw spots on their scrotum. We do everything we can to prevent this from happening but it is a possibility. Treatment is very simple and it heals very quickly.

Boarding Discounts

Siblings staying together receive a 10% discount.

First Responders, Active Military & Educators receive a 10% discount.

*Only one discount will be applied per stay.

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