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Training Services

Our training programs focus on teamwork and positive reinforcement. We do not use prong collars, e-collars or any other fear/pain based methods. 

Our proven, positive training approach will teach your dog manners,  obedience skills and help eliminate unwanted behaviors. Through training, you will have a happy, well-mannered dog you can take anywhere!

Dog House

Boarding School

Wouldn't you like to come home to a well-behaved dog? Leave your dog for boarding and we'll start the training.

We offer three options to train your dog while you're away.

Dog obedience

Obedience Classes

Our small group training classes focus on teamwork between you and your dog. You both learn obedience skills that you can take home.

Cookapoo Dog
Doggie Handshake

Day School
& Prep School

Private Lessons

This is like Boarding School without the boarding. Your dog comes for the day for multiple one-on-one training sessions with the trainers, plus enrichment daycare. 

Our private lessons accommodate any training we offer from puppy through obedience. These lessons are tailored to both yours and your dog's pace.


Does your dog love running, jumping, and playing? Do they have tons of energy? Maybe you’ve  heard about the exciting sport of dog agility and are ready to give it a try, but aren’t sure that you’ll ever want to compete. In our Fungility class we introduce the basics of the sport, without the competitive angle. 

Dog doing Fungility
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