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Spa Packages

We've combined several of our favorite spa therapies into packages designed to provide your dog a relaxing spa experience that will also address some specific concerns. All spa package pricing is in addition to bath or grooming prices.

Spa dogs
Senior dog

Senior Dog

Soothing relief for aches and pains

Bathed in lavender infused shampoo and conditioner

Soothing mobility mud massage

Paw & pad treatment and massage

Paw soother

From $60 - $132

Groomed Dog

Hair Everywhere

The ultimate de-shed package

Bathed in natural shed reducing shampoo and ultra-moisturizing conditioner

Shed Safely mud massage

Heavy brush out with de-shed tool

From $60 - $172

Bulldog Scratching

Itchy Dog

Relief for itchy, allergy or dry skin issues

Bathed in natural skin-soothing soap-free oatmeal shampoo and anti-itch conditioner

Oxymed Treatment Rinse

Soothing mud massage

Paw soother

From $80 - $176

Farm Dog

Smelly Dog

Is your dog a little stinky? This will help!

Bathed in natural deodorizing shampoo and conditioner

Fortifying mud massage

Odor terminating spray

From $60 - $132

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